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Our passionate team combines industry expertise with unwavering commitment, ensuring every client’s unique property goals are not just met, but exceeded. Discover a partnership that thrives on turning your real estate dreams into reality.

Over $100 Million In Total Sales

Our track record speaks for itself: having successfully facilitated over $100 million in sales, we take immense pride in our ability to consistently secure top value for our clients’ properties. Trust us to use our extensive experience in order to deliver unparalleled results.

Number One Brokerage in Chicago

Through @properties’ ownership of Christie’s International Real Estate, the world’s preeminent luxury real estate brand, our clients enjoy a number of unique benefits that give them an edge in the marketplace.

Find Your Perfect Home, Anywhere.

Experience home searching like never before with Zenlist – our intuitive app empowers you to effortlessly explore a curated selection of properties, providing personalized recommendations that match your unique preferences, making your journey to finding the perfect home an enjoyable and efficient one.

Effective home staging transforms a property into a captivating and irresistible space, enabling potential buyers to envision their future within its walls and significantly accelerating the sales process.

We can expertly stage your home.

Staged homes sell for more money.

Discovering Chicagoland’s Art and Antique Markets

Discovering Chicagoland’s Art and Antique Markets

Whether you’re making a move and preparing to decorate a new space or refreshing your current space, Chicagoland’s vibrant art and antique markets offer endless inspiration – and the chance to uncover some truly amazing finds. “Art and antiques are a great way to add...