Buyer Questionnaire

Just a few simple quesitons to help us prepare your search. 

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    The basics so we know how to get in touch with you!

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    Current Living Situation

    Some preliminary questions so we better understand your situation and goals.

    Do you own or rent where you are currently living?


    On what date does your lease end?

    Will this be your first home purchase?

    Do you need to sell your home in order to purchase your next home?


    How many years have you owned your current home?

    Is there anything from your last purchase process that you would like to have go differently on your next purchase?

    Wants and Needs

    What you are currently looking for in a new home.

    What neighborhood(s) are you hoping to find your new home in?*

    What priorities are driving your location decision?*

    Schools, commute to work, access to the lake, etc

    What are some of your new-home goals?*

    Bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, pets, laundry, outdoor space, etc.

    Planning + Info

    Additional questions to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

    Where would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on where you are in the buying process?*

    With 1 being you are just starting and 10 being you would like to find a home within the next 30 days? No wrong answers!

    What is your preferred timeline for purchasing real estate, and do you have any specific deadlines or time constraints?*

    Will you be paying cash for your new home or will you be getting a loan? If getting a loan, would you like a lender referral to start the pre-approval process?

    What is your typical availability during the weekend and weekdays to tour properties in person?

    What is your favorite coffee or tea order?

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