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    Landlords look at various things to ensure their new tenant is a good choice. Good credit, no evictions, no bankruptcies, making at least 3x the monthly rent and etc are a few of these things.

    What is your monthly income?*

    Most landlords and property management companies look for income to be 3x the monthly rent; i.e. if rent is $2,000/mo, need to make at least $6,000/month. If starting a new job, do you have your offer letter provide as proof of income? Please note on offer letters, many landlords want to see that they are signed by both employee and employer to be valid.

    Do you know your credit score?*

    20/640+ typically required, some private landlords want 700+. Are there any evictions, collections or bankruptcies we may need to address?

    Do you have a co-signer available if you don't meet the income or credit qualifications on your own?

    Please input their information below or type "N/A" if not applicable.

    Lease Information

    Information about your current situation so we know what we need to do.

    Current Lease*

    Are you currently in a lease, if yes, when does it end?

    New Lease*

    How soon are you open to starting a new lease?

    New Lease Term*

    How long of a lease are you looking for? Most require at least 12 months.

    What is your budget including utilities?*

    Electric will always be separate from rent. Water, trash/recycling will always be included. Variables are gas, wifi and cable.

    Will you need parking?*

    If yes, Garage or open to street parking? Garage parking ranges from $150-350/month depending on location. Street permit parking is $100/year or $150/year if a zone permit is required. There is no street parking available in the downtown neighborhoods. If you do not need parking, type "N/A".

    Neighborhoods + Locations*

    What areas/neighborhoods are you looking to be in? Near specific transportation bus/train/highway? A screenshot of a map with a drawn outline is super helpful! you can send this via text 312.856.4074

    How many bedrooms / bathrooms?*

    How many bedrooms/bathrooms should your new apartment be? If looking for a 1 bed, are you open to a studio or convertible?

    Do you have any pets that will be living with you?*

    Cat? Dog? If yes to dog, weight and breed? If your pet is ESA, do you have a physician signed letter to provide to the landlord? Some buildings have weight and breed restrictions, unfortunately. Why I have to ask! If no pets, type "N/A".

    Must Haves / Deal Breakers

    What are you looking for in your new apartment? Laundry in-unit or is in building okay? Dedicated outdoor space or balcony? Top floor? No garden/ground units? Door person? Gym in the building? Etc.

    Touring and Additional Questions

    Tour Schedule*

    When are the best days of the week and times for you to tour properties? Most tours happen between 10a-7:30p, 7 days a week. If not currently living in Chicago, are you planning a visit to see properties in person or will your apartment be sight unseen? Please note I am a full time real estate broker working with buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and renters AKA this is my full time job and I'm here to work for you! That means if weekends and evenings are best for you, that works for me 🙂 I just have to give notice to the listing agents 24-48 hours in advance to ensure we can get in to tour.

    Are you prepared for new lease fees?*

    Typically within 48-72 hours of the lease being sent, signing is due along with all fees; properties are not considered rented until lease is signed and all checks received. If a renting at a property managed building, only a one time admin fee and any prorated rent, pet fees if applicable, and first months rent are due. With a condo building renting from a private landlord, typically first months rent, any prorated rent, one month security deposit OR a one time fee, pet fees if applicable, along with all condo fees including non-refundable move-in fee ($200-500) and refundable elevator deposit ($250-500) due to the condo association.

    Have you toured any properties already or been in contact with any other brokers or management companies?*

    Chicago real estate is quite strict with procuring cause so if you see anything online that is not coming up in your search, please send the link to me and I’ll do the legwork to confirm if they cooperate with my brokerage or not, along with pricing, availability, and fees. If you contact a building or tour without me being present, I can no longer represent you or your interests for that property/building.

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